Eliana’s Birthday Weekend

Eliana turned four on Sunday, and we had quite the weekend for her.

Friday was her birthday party in school; she got to lead the class in singing, collected money for charity from everyone (which they do every Friday), and handed out goody bags after everyone finished their cupcakes. Actually, that was her decision: we noticed she was being apparently very random in who she gave bags to first, running back and forth instead of going in order. Turns out she decided to hand them out based on who finished their cupcakes first, and you couldn’t get one if you weren’t done eating.

Saturday, Eliana’s Sabba (Rina’s father, Hebrew word for Grandfather) and Uncle Efrayim came over to spend Shabbat with us, as Rina’s mother was in Israel helping the family out after the arrival of our newest niece. Then on Sunday, we gave Eliana her birthday present: a balance bike, a two-wheeled bike with no pedals, so the rider learns balance and supposedly can then move up to a bigger bike without training wheels. Maya got the old tricycle, and surprised us by knowing how to pedal (but she didn’t have enough force to push herself along).

Then we went to the Playseum. It’s an indoor playground nearby that’s set up like a little mall: there were different stations each set up like a shop, so in one area you go grocery shopping, in another you see pets in the pet store (bunnies and birds), in another you play dress up, in another you make pretend pizzas, etc. They spent the most time at the arts and crafts area making projects, but Eliana also liked the grocery shopping and Maya liked the animals.

Afterward, we came home and had cupcakes that Rina made. Then we struggled to get two very tired and overstimulated girls to bed. They both slept in late this morning. Pictures available here.


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