Duck Photos

Based on the covers of these books, you might not think they’d have anything in common.

At least, I certainly didn’t think so. The book on the left, with the ducks, is one she’s had for a couple of years now, and used to be one of her favorites. But she hasn’t spent a lot of time with it for a while now. The book on the right, with the polar bears, is much newer, and was a gift from friends of ours.

On Friday night, Eliana asked me to read her the book on the right. So we start reading. And we get to this page:

Eliana tells me to stop reading, and she runs off to her bedroom. A minute later, she returns with the duck book, turns to a page, and says “matchy patchy!” So I look closely at the two images. And I look closer still. Here’s the one from the duck book:

Needless to say, I was shocked that she’d made an association I never would have in a million years. When we showed Rina a short time later, she was also amazed. Yes, there’s a few differences (two too many ducks in the drawn version, for example), but it’s obvious the drawing was based off of this photograph. Such a scarily smart girl, that one is.

Here are the two pages side by side for comparison, click on the image to make it bigger if needed.


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