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My Favorite Links

The Doctor Who Homepage.

The Geek Code Homepage (with my code)

The Internet Underground; a hacker’s dream page.

Ninex Yellow Pages’s Business Phone Number Lookup

The Bastard Operator From Hell series.

The Star Trek Fiction Archive.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Online Bookstores

Scottish Links

Single Malt Whisky Links

Ski Areas close to home:

Local Weather


Complete list of Usenet FAQS.

Project Gutenberg

The JPS edition of the Tanakh, including a search engine.

Tanakh in Hebrew

Multiple versions of the Christian Bible, also with a search engine.

Encyclopedia Brittanica



Tom’s Hardware Guide, the place to go if you’re looking to find reviews on computer hardware.

Unix shell scripting with sh/ksh

Linux Links

Distributed Computing Links

Distributed Computing refers to an effort of many computers all working towards a common goal. Recently, this has been used to crack elaborate encryption schemes, which would take an ordinary PC hundreds, if not thousands, of years to crack. Distributed computing has proven that such an encryption scheme, using tens of thousands of computers all working together, can be broken in a matter of months. Now, more uses are being found for distributed computing that don’t deal with decryption, but with actual real-world problems.

RC5-64, seeking to break a data encryption scheme known as RC5:

Mersenne Prime Search, attempting to discover more numbers known as Mersenne Primes.

Other Projects


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