Diet Update

I hadn’t mentioned Weight Watchers in a while, but given I hit a milestone yesterday, it seemed appropriate to do so. Since starting on May 13th, a little over 3 months ago, I’ve now lost 25 pounds. even gave me a little graphic star for a reward. If little graphical stars aren’t motivation, I don’t know what is.

Weight Watchers 25lbs Star


Week One Progress

I’m forced to wonder if my original weight information was wrong. Because if it’s true, I lost ten pounds this past week. That just doesn’t seem right somehow. On the other hand, if it’s true, I’ll be done this diet in about three weeks, so one can always hope. 🙂 Now, if only weight watchers’ website would actually let me enter my new weight instead of just giving an error….

You’re gonna start seeing a lot less of me

That is, if my current plans come to fruition.

A few years ago, I joined Weight Watchers for 10 weeks. In that time, I managed to lose 18 pounds, which was my first goal in the program. They have you go in 10% increments, you see, so for me, 18 pounds was my first 10%. Had I kept going, my next goal would have been about a 16 pound drop.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep going, and the instructor didn’t come back, and as far as I know, classes aren’t being offered where I work anymore like they used to be. My weight remained relatively stable, though, but recently (within the last year at least) I’ve noticed it increasing again. Unfortunately, now it’s at its highest recorded value ever of 186lbs. This does not please me at all, both from a health perspective and an aestetic standard. My wife tells me I look fine, but she’s not looking from the angle of someone who can’t see their own feet at times, either.

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Hiking and Cooking

What better way to start off a blog than with two of my hobbies.

I was mostly off work today, and so went to REI for a hiking bag I saw I sale. I just recently bought an overnight hiking backpack, but I saw this one on sale. What distinguishes it is it’s smaller so I can take it out for just a day, which also means it’s lighter. But, mostly, it has a 3 liter (100 fl.oz.) water bladder inside and a hose for drinking. I find myself perpetually dehydrated, and so having a conveniently handy would be nice. I figured I wouldn’t have to use the bag for just hiking, but also for bicycling (once I get my tires fixed so they hold air) and for just going on errands or doing touristy stuff like walking around a city. Further, the bladder is removable, so I can transfer it to my bigger bag, which also has the capability to hold a bladder but didn’t come with one, so it’d come in handy for overnight trips too. It was on sale for 30% off, and the bladder alone is usually half the price this bag was, so I figured it was a good deal.

After getting home, it was time to start making dinner for Shabbat. We had company over last week and so this week I wanted to make it rather low-key. I also had the advantage of being home most of the day, but not wanting to cook much. So I decided this would be a good week to make spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner. But, not just any meat sauce. See, I like to make my own sauce using a can of tomato puree from the store, just like nature intended (I tried using real tomatoes once; it was a disaster, coming out more like watery tomato soup with some chunks in it. I wouldn’t recommend it). Several months ago, we were at BJs and I hit the motherload: a 106 ounce can of tomato puree! Naturally, I got quite excited and had to have it. Today, I decided to make sauce with it. The last time I made spaghetti sauce, I wrote down my recipe, using a 28 ounce can of puree. So this time, I quadrupled the ingredients: 4 pounds of ground beef, a half cup of oregano, that kind of thing. It’s been simmering in the crockpot for almost seven hours now, so it should be ready to go soon. I was worried it would overflow, but it just barely didn’t. The fluid level is at the top of the 5 quart crockpot, just managing to stay inside.

Time to run off and get ready for Shabbat now. Bye!