Last Saturday morning, we had a surprise. After I got Eliana up and changed her diaper, 10 minutes later she was telling us her diaper was full and needed to be changed. Sure enough, she was right, meaning she’d been holding it in. After we took off her diaper, though, she wanted to finish up on the potty, and then afterwards asked for underwear instead. We hadn’t planned on starting her training this weekend, but that’s what we wound up doing.

We kept her home from school on Monday, to reinforce her training while it was just Rina and Maya with her. She had accidents throughout the weekend, but they upset her, so that was hopeful. Today she was back in school, and her supportive teachers (their goal is to try to have every kid in their class out of diapers by the end of the school year) reported at the end of the day that she hadn’t had one accident all day! Of course, they took her to the potty every 30 minutes, but it worked.

Naturally, we had just bought an 80-pack of diapers on Friday….

Eliana: Jewish Mother in Training

Today, I confirmed that Eliana’s got the Jewish Mom gene. Getting ready for school, she told me she was hungry (which she usually isn’t). I offered her a Graham cracker, which she accepted. She ate half of it, and said “I’m done, here,” offering me the other half. I said “no thank you,” since I’d already snagged some cracker fragments from the box.

Her response: “Oh. You don’t *like* Graham crackers?” I explained that I already had some, and she was okay with that.

Eliana’s Reflection

This morning, Eliana joined me in the bathroom as I was shaving. She discovered she could see her reflection in the round chrome handle on our shower door. Fortunately I managed to get a video of her while she was being silly. I think it’s one of my more artsy projects. (If it only shows up as a picture, like in email, click on the picture to go to the blog page, and then the video should be watchable)

Back to Normal

We abandoned the house Friday morning, after Eliana started to freak out with the lack of power, and the house just kept getting colder and colder. We all spent Shabbat with Rina’s brother and sister-in-law (somehow the girls didn’t wake them up throughout the night, despite taking turns shrieking at full volume at various times). After Shabbat, we called home and got the answering machine, confirming we had power.

Our biggest problem when we arrived home was it was still cold in here. Our thermostat, for a long time now, has had a problem in which it doesn’t recognize it has backup batteries installed, even when brand new sets are put in. So when we got home, it was still 54 degrees in the house, and the thermostat was waiting for us to confirm the time and temperature setting it should go to. Sigh. I predict our furnace will be working overtime throughout the night.

For the record, according to a thermometer I have that records min and max temperatures, it got down to 46 degrees in the house.

An Exercise in Frustration

As mentioned, our power went off Wednesday evening. This morning (Friday) at 1:30, it came back on. Pretty obvious when lights come back on, electronics beep, etc. Woke up the entire house, so that was fun. I ran around bringing in food from outside, resetting the clocks and the thermostat, getting my computer server back up, etc.

And then at 1:50, the power went off again.

More disturbingly, it’s on for most of our neighborhood now; it’s just our street (which, admittedly, is a very long street) that’s now out. But we’re a much smaller target area for PEPCO’s repair crews now. So I guess everyone got it back at 1:30, then something happened to our little subsection 20 minutes later.

On the plus side, our insulation in the house is better than I thought; even after no heat for 1.5 days, it’s still only down to 53 degrees in the house. So we’ve got that going for us.

(In case you’re again wondering how I’m writing this, I came into work early this morning, since I can’t telecommute; I’ll be going back home mid-morning, armed with printouts and journals so I can do some work during naptime.)

Another Power Outage

After threatening all evening with flickering lights, the power finally went out for good about 30 minutes ago, either due to the snowstorm or due to the lightening I saw. We called Pepco to report it; their recording says they can’t even get out to fix the problems because of the weather conditions. Yay.

I guess we get to see which is more uncomfortable: no power when it’s 100 degrees out like last summer’s 3 day outage, or when it’s 30 degrees out. Hopefully the blanket of snow will at least insulate the house for a little while. And so much for our gas furnace, with its electric thermostat and starter. Shame there’s no way to turn it on manually with a match….

Pepco’s website says almost 162,000 customers are without power. Sigh.

(I get to write all this because my laptop is fully charged, and the DSL modem and wireless router are on battery backup. For as long as that lasts, which I predict won’t be much longer.)

December Updates

It’s been a rough December for us so far. Everyone got sick; Eliana started us off with a bad cold, then Rina and I got the flu a few days later (yes, we both had the shot), then Maya got a bad cold and fever. Most of us are better, but Rina’s decided she likes being sick, as after the flu she got an ear blockage, a sinus infection, and just this morning, food poisoning. At least she’s feeling better this evening….

In other news, Eliana’s also gotten picky about her diapers. We’ve been buying her pull-up diapers for a while, as she likes the design (Dora the Explorer). But, as a friend of mine recently blogged about, diapers with designs on them come with multiple designs. So for the Dora diapers, half of the diapers have Dora in a yellow dress, and half have Dora holding flowers. Eliana has, for a while now, not cared for the Flower Doras. She always asks for Yellow Dora, partly because they also have Boots the Monkey on them, while Flower Dora doesn’t. I always tell her that she has to wear Flower Dora sometimes, because if she only wore Yellow Dora, she’d run out, and then have a long time of wearing Flower Doras before we could open a new package and she could have Yellow Dora again.

Apparently my explanations weren’t good enough. Today after our failed attempt at getting her to nap (she was in bed, but refused to sleep), we let her play in her room. Eventually, we came in to check on her. She had pulled out her package of Dora diapers from the closet, removed them all, and sorted them. So instead of alternating like they should be, all the Yellow Doras were together, and all the Flower Doras were together. We caught her right before she could stuff them back into the package with all the Flower Doras in the back.

Together, Eliana and I re-shuffled them, so they alternated again. I tried explaining again why we want to alternate. I’m not sure it took, but I’m stunned by how creatively she tried to fix the “problem.”

Finally, Maya started crawling this past week, so we’re in trouble. We’re going through the house again making sure everything is childproof for a crawler who doesn’t know she shouldn’t put everything into her mouth. Maya and Eliana also now have two games they play together. In the first game, Maya will scream, then Eliana will scream, then Maya will scream…. The second game is a little quieter; Eliana runs down the hallway, and Maya crawls after her chasing her. Eliana then stops, and when Maya gets closer, Eliana squeals and runs further away. Maya then keeps chasing her. Maya already likes Eliana more than her parents; hopefully they continue to be so close as they get older.