Name Changes

Haven’t had a lot to share recently, in case anyone was wondering about the lack of updates.  I wanted to share something very cute from last night, though.

Yesterday, I was reading a new library book to the girls, which included a bunch of kids names in a preschool.  Everything was going well until I hit the name Francesca.  For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how to pronounce it.  I tried Franseska, Fransheska, Fransheshka, nothing seemed to sound right.  I told the girls that we’d have to wait for Mommy to come back from elsewhere in the house, and then we could ask her.

Eliana, in her almost-5-year-old wisdom, said “We can just call her Stella.”  So we did, after I could breathe again from laughing so hard.


2 thoughts on “Name Changes

  1. Two things stuck out in this blog. One is that Eliana is a very smart little girl and the other is that you are much to young to not be able to think of things. That is for old folks like me. lol


    • Attribute it to Toddler Brain, then. Either they’re being good and quiet and there’s not much to report, or they’re not being so good and I’m too tired to report. 🙂

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