Never a Free Moment

Either last night, or this morning, I forget which, I had the thought, “wow, we have a whole Sunday with nothing planned!  We can just relax and take it easy!”  Then last night we had a bad storm blow through, but since we didn’t lose power, I didn’t think much about it.  Then this morning, I looked out the screen door, and saw a small tree limb, maybe 6 feet long, had come down near the swing set.  “Oh well, that shouldn’t take too long to cut up.”

Then I walked outside and looked at the rest of the backyard.

Tree Limbs

More Tree Limbs
Oh well.  I didn’t really want to take it easy, anyway….

On the other hand, apparently we now have a taste of Scotland in our back yard, as we have some full blown thistles growing.  So after the tree is gone, I should probably break out the weeding supplies.  Fun fun.

The Flower of Scotland


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