Eliana Writing

Tonight, out of the blue, Eliana started drawing the letter A on her drawing tablet. We’re presuming they were learning this in school today, but her information sheet that comes home with her every day didn’t mention it. She then drew three As, and told us the three people in her class they were for (two boys whose names start with A, and one teacher).

Eliana Writing

Eliana Writing the Letter A

We already knew Eliana could read letters; show her an E, and she’ll say “that’s my letter!” or “that’s Elisha’s letter!” Show her an R, and “that’s Rivky’s letter!” And at our last parent-teacher conference, her teacher told us that Eliana was her little helper, passing out various items with the students names on them, and giving each one to the right kid. Such a good little reader, or at least memorizer.

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