Last Saturday morning, we had a surprise. After I got Eliana up and changed her diaper, 10 minutes later she was telling us her diaper was full and needed to be changed. Sure enough, she was right, meaning she’d been holding it in. After we took off her diaper, though, she wanted to finish up on the potty, and then afterwards asked for underwear instead. We hadn’t planned on starting her training this weekend, but that’s what we wound up doing.

We kept her home from school on Monday, to reinforce her training while it was just Rina and Maya with her. She had accidents throughout the weekend, but they upset her, so that was hopeful. Today she was back in school, and her supportive teachers (their goal is to try to have every kid in their class out of diapers by the end of the school year) reported at the end of the day that she hadn’t had one accident all day! Of course, they took her to the potty every 30 minutes, but it worked.

Naturally, we had just bought an 80-pack of diapers on Friday….

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